Ezel Life: the new virtual reality platform with Frida Kahlo

Ezel Life: the new virtual reality platform with Frida Kahlo

The platform’s first project comes in collaboration with the great-great niece of the Mexican painter, an art icon for decades. 

Ezel Life has come to maximize the art experience through its own metaverse, ushering in its first project: The Untold Story of Frida Kahlo. 

The epicenter of this new digital world will be the red house of the painter’s family, the brick that will constitute the foundations of this metaverse that will be possible thanks to the vision of Ezel Life. 

Ezel Life: The Untold Story of Frida Kahlo will introduce its first sneak peek at the Miami Art Week, from November 29th to December 5th at the Sagamore Hotel. 

With this first preview, Ezel Life wants to show the beginning of an endless number of projects related to the world of art, taking as models new and highly transcendent figures. These are the three aspects that Ezel Life qualifies for its work in the metaverse: 

  • Characters who broke barriers and stigmas throughout their lives, promoting a significant change in society with their story. 
  • That the journey of their work took place in a specific time or place.
  • Ezel Life seeks to work with original artists and their families to preserve their legacy on the blockchain.

If you want to see the mission and vision of Ezel Life visit the official site to find out more about what they do and how they do it.