Ezel.Life introduces Frida Kahlo’s Red House on the metaverse

Ezel.Life introduces Frida Kahlo’s Red House on the metaverse

Decentraland announced its third annual art week called the Metaverse Art Week, in which Ezel.Life collaborated with Frida Kahlo’s Family to launch the Red House. 

August 28th was the last day of the Metaverse Art Week on the Decentraland metaverse. This proposal aimed to make users reflect about the importance of the “feeling” when experiencing art. 

With the development of new technologies, this event certainly helped to redefine the best of culture on the web3 and to approach users to this amazing experience.  

Frida Kahlo’s childhood at the Red House 

When it comes to Frida Kahlo’s Family, they launched their own project alongside Ezel.Life, to get to know never before seen art works and stories of the Mexican painter. 

Few people know that Frida Kahlo lived her childhood in the Red House, located in the Coyoacán neighborhood in Mexico City. There, she developed her first paintings that were available in the Red House on Decentraland. 

So many metaverse enthusiasts explored distinct projects, including Frida Kahlo’s Red House and the best thing about this journey is that users received a free NFT with exclusive material endorsed by the Kahlo family.

Get to know Ezel.Life

Frida Kahlo’s Red House is not the only project that the leading company in digital assets has been working on. At the moment it isn’t known what other project will lead to the metaverse, but very soon it will set up a gallery with the famous works of Frida Kahlo on Spatial.

Don’t miss out on this great experience and visit the Red House on the metaverse.

Also if you want to visit Ezel.Life, don’t hesitate and stay updated.